As schools continue to follow the state’s orders and close all physical locations, the education system is seeing a shift. Online classes are the norm, and there are talks among some states and tech companies on the feasibility of permanent online courses post COVID-19. There’s no disputing everyone from school staff to parents is adjusting to retaining the quality of education taught in physical schools. The advancements in technology made it possible to transition traditional learning to online learning. During the pandemic, school administrators are evaluating their students’ performance and their parents. Instructors also have the opportunity to custom-tailor a child’s learning. Listed below is the role technology will play in education post-COVID-19. 

The Investors’ Lens

Before the coronavirus pandemic, tech companies began investing in the education sector. Whether the investment came in the form of improved technology or new technology, the goal is to get kids interested in learning. Specifically, some investors in the education space wanted to persuade kids into a STEM career. Since the United States is graduating fewer engineers than China, some startups invented products to get kids interested in engineering from a young age. However, no change was enough until the coronavirus pandemic. Some school systems did not embrace technology to the point where it took them longer to adopt an online school system. Not only is technology changing in the education system, but the content as well. The method for content creation and delivery of that content is transforming. The only exception to this is universities. Universities are continually investing in technology infrastructure and content to make their offerings more accessible to prospective students. School systems across the country can learn something from the universities. 

The Educators’ Lens: 

Scrutiny is present with any change in the education system by parents, the community, and government officials. However, now is the time to embrace technology in the education system. All of the school’s main objective is the safety and learning of all students. Online learning, along with tools to keep kids engaged in learning, will allow kids to continually develop. Any lapse in a child’s education could have detrimental effects later on. The adoption of technology could also help post-COVID19. With snow days, schools can continue online to avoid prolonging the school year in the summer.